high-speed satellite internet straight into your home or small business

The Tooway™ service connects your computer to the internet via a high-speed connection with the new Ka Sat Tooway satellite.
Wherever you’re located Tooway™ offers you up to
50 Mbps download, 6 Mbps upload.
Tooway™ is up 10 times faster than many fixed line broadband (ADSL) connections. A single satellite mini-dish and a modem
are all you need.

Tooway™ is a satellite broadband solution designed from the outset for the home. It’s been extremely successful in North
America with over 400,000 subscribers on the hardware.

for everyone

flexible rates that fit any budget

Tooway™ is designed for consumers, but it’s also suitable for home offices and small businesses with up to 5 consecutive
users. The Tooway™ service is available from just 66 cents a day (inc VAT). Whether you need Tooway™ for your work or just for
the family, there’s a Tooway™ package to suit you.
Tooway™ will also allow you to use free voice over IP (VoIP) services like Skype, and also take advantage of additional features
like multi-channel TV through the same dish.
We’ve also now launched our Tooway Pro services, offering the same great value you expect from Tooway, packaged for
business users.
We can supply you with a wireless router as well enabling you to share the Tooway™ connection over your home for laptops
and smart phones.


– now

100% fast internet coverage across all of Europe
Tooway™ is available, now, anywhere in the UK or Europe, including Ireland. No need to wait for an expensive network to be
built near your home. Tooway™ doesn’t discriminate by location, and we don’t advertise a funny headline speed and then tell
you later that because of where you live you can only get half that.
You will order and pay in € Euros.
Tooway™ is ideal for properties outside the fixed line broadband footprint or that have poor broadband speed over wires.


just plug it in and away you go    

Getting online with Tooway™ is very simple. You’ll need a small satellite dish on the outside of your property and a simple
Modem. You can leave the installation to us and we’ll send round one of our Certified Installers who do everything for you. You
then simply plug in your PC or Mac (or share your Tooway via a router if you prefer) and away you go. You don’t need a phone
line, and it’s always on just like broadband over wires.                              
Web:     www.hiteksoundandvision.com
Email:   hitekincrete@gmail.com
Tel  :      0030 2824024027
Cell:      0030 6970894013
VAT no: (AΦM): EL149614940
EETT Registration no: 11-181
Being Official Agents for  tooway and based in Chania, Crete, we have secure online
access to the
tooway Order and Customer Service System and are able to offer the BEST
ooway prices and service in Greece -- no hidden costs and all prices include VAT --  so
customers no longer  have to risk dealing with 3rd Party suppliers, and leave themselves
open to possible serviceability  and customer service problems  
We are licensed and EETT (*) registered Ka Band Satellite Internet Service Providers and
Installers and offer unrivalled personal
tooway Customer Service  

We deal with your order from payment to Installation and provide full aftercare service.
Being official
tooway agents, we are also able to offer a tooway 12 months guarantee not
always available from other suppliers
We can supply and install the system to suit your requirements, including optional extras
such as a local WiFi Network or Multiroom Smart TV systems etc.

We offer a free
tooway home survey visit and if you would like a Quotation detailing all
costs including installation to meet your specific needs, please feel free to contact us.

other hitek tooway packages

If the packages detailed above are not suitable, for your requirements we can also offer a
comprehensive range of data packages with
a simple one month rolling contract with no
long term commitment
which is ideal for Seasonal Customers, who own Holiday Villas in
Greece as their Internet Systems
can be Switched Off when not required, with no monthly
Payments during periods of dormancy!!
 Please ask for details
We also offer
Tooway PRO packages with fixed IP addresses to suit Business and
specialist users. Please ask for details
We have a
Tooway demonstration system at our office you can try before you buy.
Should you have any questions or require further information please contact us by email,
through the contact page on our website, or on the phone numbers detailed above

EETT  registration no:- 11-181  meeting all the legal requirements to Supply and Install        
Ka Band Satellite Internet equipment in Greece
(*) (Hellenic Telecommunications and Postal Commission)
Our new tooway Superfast 50MB Service is now available in Greece
Tooway 'Outright Purchase Options' with
Unlimited Data Usage*
Do you live in an area with no access to a fast Internet connection?
konnect unlimited
Maximum Download Speed
Maximum Upload Speed
data allowance
Hardware Cost**
449.99  €
449.99  €
449.99  €
449.99  €
For Installation
cost please ask us for
a Quotation
One-off connection fee
49.90 €
37.90 €
37.90 €
37.90 €
European delivery
9.99 €
9.99 €
9.99 €
9.99 €
Monthly airtime cost
20.90 €
29.90 €
52.90 €
79.90 €
All € euro prices shown include VAT at 24%
We offer our customers a unique way to get online with tooway.

We offer an exclusive  'Outright Purchase' option where you pay  the cost up front for the
Tooway kit, but you get either a no-hassle 1 or 12 month contract on our Unlimited Data
usage Packages with a UK or Greek IP address. All the equipment remains your property.

You also get the
cheapest satellite airtime rates with 'Outright Purchase' when compared
with Data Limited 24 month 'Contract ' schemes offered by other Tooway dealers in Greece.

also included

Besides unlimited data usage, we are also offering our Konnect  Unlimited Bronze, Silver,
Gold and Platinum with
FREE night time Data Usage at full system speed between 1.00am
to 6.00am, 365 days a year!!

If you have an existing Tooway system, and wish to swap your service provider, it is possible
to use your existing Dish+Dish Electronics and cabling and just simply replace your current
Modem with one of ours. Please contact us for details
* Maximum quoted download Speed up to the quoted Monthly data allowance. Once this has been exceeded then UNLIMITED Data Usage at
up to 3MB/s Download Speed until the next Monthly Data Cycle start date  at which time the system reverts back to the Package Speed
Unrestricted Data usage between 1 am and 6 am daily at FULL System speed
**Hardware Outright Purchase price includes Modem and WiFi Router (1 Month Rolling Contract Customers)
 For minimum 12 Month Rental Contracts Equipment Cost is 5.00 euros + 6.00 euros monthly Rental